The firm

What clients say:

“I am pleased to say that the Bond has finally been listed and thank you for all your help with this without which we would never have got there.”

“I have been granted my ILR!!! The best day . Thank you so much for all your help!”

About Oracle Family Office

Oracle Family Office is a boutique private client law firm located in the heart of Marylebone, London.

We represent clients and their families and advise them on personal and business immigration, general corporate and contract matters, raising debt capital and protection of intellectual property rights worldwide.

Our approach and core values

Oracle Family Office is different in its nature from other law firms. We stand out in the market of legal provides because of our competitive advantages which are hard to beat.
We strive for the best

When we represent our clients we aim for the best outcome possible. This entails creative and bespoke legal solutions to complex legal problems.
We are practical

Our solutions differ from other law firms because we offer practical and down-to-earth legal advice. We avoid legalese and prefer plain English both when when we draft contracts and speak to our clients.

We provide complex solutions

When working with clients we do not concentrate on one troubling area, instead we consider all areas of their business and personal lives to ensure that the solutions we offer deal with all weak points and troubling areas.

We respond

We live and work in a fast paced environment. Our clients require immediate and prompt advice and look for an attentive attitude. That’s why we keep our blackberries close to ensure we respond our clients within the shortest time possible.

We deliver

We don’t make promises lightly but when we promise we deliver. We’ve got a high work ethics and we are able to meet any deadline regardless of where you are in the world. We do not believe in set working hours as our clients’ lives and business do not stop after 5pm.

We charge with reason

We do not believe that hourly fees are appropriate in all situations. We do believe, however, that clients should have a specific idea as to how much they will be charged. For this reason in most situations we work on a fixed fee basis, ensuring that each client fully understands the services they receive for the money.

We speak your language

We speak Russian, Ukrainian, German, French and Hebrew. Not only do we communicate in your language but we also understand your mentality. We don’t need intermediaries and we add value via direct contact with each client.